Meditation, Music and Munchies

Good morning fellow readers, I hope all is well and that this year has been treating you well so far. I would like to apologise for lack of posting lately, between school and my other prior commitments which I will communicate to you at a later stage. I have been very busy and it sucks that I have not been to post something for you guys.

Well today post will be slightly different. I will be emphasising the need of memoirs. The title of the post should have been “Meditation, Music, Munchies and Memoirs”. Getting stoned with your homies is a lot fun because of all the fucked up shit you get up to but what makes those moments even more special is getting those priceless moments on camera. For a while a now my homies and I have been accustomed to regularly taking photos and videos of ourselves either during blazing or after and I must say, it makes being a stoner so much more fun and I STRONGLY suggest that you guys do this to. I mean at times I find myself watching these videos and looking at the photos, which shows me that I am blessed to have the friends I have. Memoirs are just too godly and they put your most enjoyable moments on motion picture. Shit I will keep some of these videos and show it to my kids one day and they will instantly know that their dad was one cool motherfucker who was apart of a great ass movement.

Luckily for my readers I have quite a few memoirs of my own and if you guys want access to these, well all you have to do is follow me on Instagram and my account handle is thamie jahron sa. I hope you enjoy it and much love.

Meditation, Music and Munchies

Good morning fellow readers. I trust everyone had a bomb ass weekend. And that everyone has implemented my special Monday blues remedy which I talked about in my other previous post.

Today’s post will be different in a way. Majority of my posts, well all of my posts so far have been stoner friendly. What I am basically saying is that my posts have been directed at the stoner community and those whom are fascinated by the community. In this post I will attempt to answer a question that most non weed smokers ask but never get the answer that they hoped that they will get and that question is why do you smoke weed on the regular?

Well obviously a percentage of people smoke for purely medical reasons and my answer will not affect them. You see weed gives another type of feeling which is almost impossible to explain and the longer you you are stoner the more you realize that you are better off high than sober. I have always wondered what it feels like floating on a literal cloud in the sky, well that is how you feel when you are stoned.  Since it is impossible to taste God’s Vagina, well getting super stoned is the closest feeling you will get to that feeling( I did not mean to sound disrespectful in that last sentence)

I am a music lover. Being stoned makes me love my music even more. You see when you are stoned, you hear everything in a song. Listening to music when sober can fun but it will never reach the satisfaction of listening to music when high. The beat, effects, adlibs, lyrics, punchlines, wordplay and so much more become extremely vivid when you are stoned which makes me want to listen to music until you are sober again. It becomes that much better when the lyrics of the song relate to a certain event that took place in your life. I love it when you imagine that you are the one that is performing the track in various situations.

Do not get me started on food or the ”munchies” as we stoners call it. All of your taste buds work overtime making food so much more tasteful. Hence I recommend to never eat in front of your parents LOL. The basic function of food is to fill your stomach but with weed you simply enjoy the process of eating and sometimes you might find yourself fantacising about your next meal. To prove this theory I suggest you get super stoned and record yourself while eating and you will see exactly what I am talking about.

Well I hope that was a good explanation, I will try as time goes to invent a description vivid enough that it will make you virtually stoned, if that makes sense.

Till next time, my fellow readers. Much Love.

Meditation, Music and Munchies

As I reflect on the year 2017, I simply realise it has not been the best of years,  I am yet to get closer to my dreams but hopefully this year brings luck and a hefty bank account. I am grateful that I am still alive and healthy. I guess God has better plans for a niggah. Lol all this new year talk got me sentimental. As you know I like to reflect positive vibes and being sentimental is really not me.

Although 2017 did not go as planned, it literally ended in the most perfect way for me personally. On exactly the last day of the year I did one of my favourite things ever. YEP you guessed it right. I was smoking by the beach and I had plenty of fun. A smoking session by the beach is godly as fuck. As the intense hit of the bong hits you, so does the magical sea breeze which literally makes you feel like you are on cloud nine. If you asked if i could predict what heaven feels like then I would tell you just that.

I do not want to get started on the scenery. It is cool to smoke during the day by the beach but it is heavenly when you wait for sunset which creates that perfect backdrop, almost like a movie. Like I confessed in my earlier posts I am a sucker for beaches and smoking there. Thank God, Chubbs dad gave us a car because there is nothing more I hate then taking public transport to the beach, it just wreaks of inconvinience.

I simply enjoyed thw wholevibe. I got to chill with my homies doing what we love doing. These were indeed priceless moments which I would not mind reliving. Being young, stoned as fuck while riding slowly in the highway bumping good old trap music. I can not wait until my niggas and I start making money so we can have many more of these moments.

I just realised that this is the most sentimental post I have written. Lol Maybe as the year goes by then it will get less sentimental. MUCH love.

Meditation, Music and Munchies

Good morning fellow followers. I would like to apologise for ny apparent absence. Although I have been on holiday, I have been occupied with work.

Luckily for you guys, it is related to this blog.To put things in perspective, I have been working on a youtube channel and I hope the content will be dropped soon. I felt that I needed to put visuals on the whole Meditation, Music and Munchies movement.

In the meanwhile regarding the whole visual debacle,please I would strongly advise you to follow me on my instagram at thamie jahron sa.

Do not despair thou as I will continue posting here as well in due course. MUCH LOVE.

Meditation, Music and Munchies

This post is different in the sense that it is being posted at midnight but it is me and homies getting up to what we always do but this time around, our sessions are much because, yours truly happens to be home alone.

I never thought I would say that this December since it started up all fucked up, but I guess there is a silver lining at thw end of the cloud…For a stoner being home alone is simply a blessing beacause it means no more smoking outside in the time being. I hate blazing outside, It comes with extra responsibilities like ‘waiting for the wind to slow down so that you can light up your bong’ and the worst thing is that it kinda steals your high as you will not be as stoned as someone who blazed indoors.

My homies and I had a dope session today,  it felt like I owned the crib, well I do for a shortwhile..We did everything we wanted to do with limits..haaaa the joy of just kicking it in the couch and smoking your bong is priceless..I wish I could indulge in this privilege for ever. I NEED my own house soon lol.

The sound system is top notch..I wish I could send a video for yall to see. Which brings me to my other point that I am working a music review show which will be on Youtube. Well this show will give you a sneak peak in to the lives of ‘Mitch Tendencies’…I hope everybody enjoys it. For those that are still confused, Meditation, Music and Munchies is more than just a blog, it is a brand, a lifestyle and an essential part of my private life which i am willing to share with my fellow audience. MUCH LOVE

Meditation, Music and Munchies

Good morning everyone. I hope everyone is well and that you having a splendid December, well is it quite warm in South Africa and that means a trip to the beach is inevitable. It has been a great year which I very much enjoyed. I am hoping 2018 is as exciting and will bring me prosperity and infinite wealth.

Anyways enough with the sentimental talk. Yesterday I came to a  realization which I made a long time ago but I chose to ignore. I AM NOT REALLY A FAN OF EDIBLES!! I love getting stoned, I mean it is one of my most favourite things to do. But as much I love getting stoned, I also do prefer to have some control of my high, I just have to. Yesterday I just did have that control and that freaked out. Some people do love edibles and the high that it comes with and I am not one of those people. To be honest, my friend and I asked to be that stoned, I mean we bought like 8 muffins, do the math, that means each person gets 4 muffins each. That is practical suicide and we did not even finish eating these edibles, The high got too intense.

There was an upside yesterday despite the high that got too intense, my nigga got sent on a couple of errands and he could use the car and that meant one thing. Cruising around the neighbourhood stoned as fuck, while bumping some good old trap music and hitting on some girls on the way of course. The day got even better when we meet some dudes we know on the way and it so happens that he had weed on him, well I thought the day got better but what I did not know was that you can not be high on edibles and smoke two grams again, after I smoked one gram , the high became too much to handle, I hate that type of high honestly, It kind of feels like you drunk in a way. I might slow down on the edible use, but on a positive note, my plug makes some of the best edibles ever. And music sounds so dope when you are stoned on edibles, when I was inside that car, I felt like I was inside a nightclub and I fucken loved it. LOL I am even planning on secretly planning on feeding my family some edibles and just watch the entire experience unfold. *EVIL LAUGH*

Meditation, Music and Munchies

Mellow Mondays my fellow followers, I hope everybody had a great weekend, I kinda enjoyed mine, especially on Sunday but the fucked up thing is that I am not done with my exams yet, I still have one to write. I can not wait to get it out of the way so I can enjoy myself.

Enough with the depressing talk. The topic I want to raise today is the phenomenon of free smokes. Well according to me, a true definition of a free smoke is when you are dead broke and you doubt that you are going to smoke today but out of no where, you get free weed, this weed thou has to come from someone you least expect it from, and then it qualifies as a free smoke.

Every stoner will agree with me that free weed gives you a more intense high for some strange reason. Maybe this shit is deep and Jah(The God Of Weed) is simply blessing you with free weed and a more intense high, kinda like blessings. I experienced the phenomenon of free smokes on Saturday, this is kind of funny and embarrassing because for some fucked up reason, my homies and I headed to the plug with each of us assuming that the other has money to buy us some weed, I mean we had Stiffler ready and all. By the way Stiffler is the name of our bong. We realized when we were at the plug that none of us had the cash, HAHAHA I never been so embarrassed in my life before and I was freaking out because I was starting to assume that I was going to spend the night sober and that is every stoner’s nightmare. Luckily our plug looked out for us, she was like an angel of highness sent by Jah to bless us with the most awesome high ever, that was one of the best free smokes I ever had and one that has cemented it’s spot in my memory bank. I never been that high in a long time, I really enjoyed it and from now on my morning prayers from now on will be ”Dear Jah please bless a niggah with a free smoke, Amen”.

I mean, Drake has a song titled “Free smoke” and I am really convinced that he was confessing his love of free smokes in that song and I do not blame him, Free smokes are life, free smokes are godly and they give you priceless pleasure. See what I did there. Well I am hoping for more free smokes in the future. Much Love.

Meditation, Music and Munchies

Good morning my fellow followers. I hope you had a great weekend and that you have implemented my ”Mellow Mondays” routine of getting rid of Blue Monday. I have been busy with exams and I hope to be done soon so that I can give this blog some proper attention.

Maybe I should have titled this post as Meditation, Movies and Munchies. Every now and again it is a good thing to break habit and just get stoned and watch some movies of your choice obviously. I mean you can not listen to music every time, it is going to get boring. It is an open secret that the best movies to watch when you are stoned are stoner movies LOL. Besides I do not watch action movies that much I am more into laid back comedies, I mean laid back stoner comedies. Over the years I have watched numerous stoner movies but I have a few that stand out and Im hoping to watch more in the future.

I love all three installments of Friday but the first is boss for me, the one with Chris Tucker. The dude makes the movie for me and the fact that he is not present in the other installments puzzles me. I personally think the casting crew made a mistake there but never the less I love that movie. I mean all that shit happened in one day. You just gotta love the hood and it’s drama. Speaking of Friday I am going to go to my homies and get me that Friday movie and watch it again, It never gets old for me.

Mac and Devon Go To High School is also another classic for me. Any stoner movie with Snoop Dogg in it has a very high possibility of being a classic, See what I did there HAHA. Wiz Khalifa also stars in this movie which makes it that much better. As usual Snoop played his character to perfection, that movie cracks me up every time I watch it. The music in the background and the tracks being performed in the movie just enhances it, I just gotta give props to the director, I love this movie and I would not be suprised if he was stoned when he directed this one.

Pineapple Express is also another great movie but I would not classify it as a classic and it is not a movie I would watch too many times, there is too much killing and violence i the movie anyway and that is the last thing I need when I am stoned. My favourite actor is Seth Rogen, Gosh I love that guy(no homo), every movie with Seth Rogen in it I am definitely watch it and it also my dream one day just to chill and smoke with that dude. Shit I hope that comes true hey.

Growhouse for me is also another classic, the casting crew could not have picked anyone to play Lil Duval’s character better. That dude is just too funny and I love the plot of the movie and that movie has inspired me to have my own growhouse and the best part about this is that private cultivation is legal where I stay. God is Great.

Disjointed is a stoner series which I have yet to watch and I am very keen on watching it and the best part is that my plug has that series, I swear that I have the best plugs thou. I am hoping it is a dope series and I should browse the internet for more stoner series, movies end too quickly for me.

I am pretty sure you guys have some great stoner movies too that you like that I have not mentioned in this post, please do share them, they do not make those kind of movies here in South Africa anyway. When I have cash maybe I should make an all South African stoner movie and I have a feeling it will be a classic, I mean I have way too may dope ideas. HAHAHA. *LIGHTS BLUNT*.

Meditation, Music and Munchies

I just had one of the best weekends of my life, I really enjoyed it. I got a break from routine and I did something different, something I never did before but it is safe to say that I did not feel like I was out of my comfort zone and on top of this I had lots of fun and that’s what matters.

One of my friends whom I met at school that recently dropped out, is pursuing a music career in the rap genre and I must say, the nigga is blessed with an abundance of talent. Well my homies and I were invited to be a part of his music video of his lead single. I mean if you look at it from another point of view. You have to be a really cool ass motherfucker to get to be invited in a music video shoot. I enjoyed the whole experience. We had to wake up very early in the morning thou so that we could take the early train and get there in time. If you know me very well, then you would know that I hate waking up early in the morning especially on the weekend.

Before we took the train, we had run by our plug first and get plenty of weed since we figured it was going to be a long day and since we are going to a different location we are not familiar with, we did not want to risk it by getting there and finding out that they have weed not as strong as ours and guess what? our instincts paid off. Of course we had to look the part since we were going to a part of a music video, I got my swag on a hundred, I looked like a rap star with all them watches and chains on. We got to the location and had to wait for about half an hour for the homies to come through so that we could have a good smoking session before the shoot. Of course we brought Stiffler with and in case you did not know “Stiffler” is our bong, yeah we named our bong Stiffler. We got to the crib, put some music on we started smoking and I had a good feeling about this session.

About twenty minutes into the the session, my rap niggas decided to drop a sick ass freestyle, I guess the quality weed and Stiffler did the trick, I really enjoyed that freestyle, Shit I felt like a manger of a major rap artist, watching them niggas rhyme like that. I was super stoned that day, we probably smoked about four grams and that is a lot by the way. A couple of hours later we had to get moving and head to location of the shoot. It is an open secret that behind the scenes of rap music videos that there is a lot of weed and this shoot was no different and before I could really get comfortable my scene came up. Well the scene was simple, One dude had to be on top of a car bonnet while lighting up “Stiffler” and yeah Stiffler was on the camera, looks like our bong might get famous after all. Well I had to be by the wheel of the car smoking hubbly bubbly(hookah pipe) which was infested with. Shit I had to flex on my scene and due to watching plenty of Migos music videos I aced it and the director was happy with my performance. I loved the part where I blew some out of my nose and put the chain in my mouth, I can not wait to see myself in that music video and my homie Chubbz killed his scene too and he is also a Migos’ fan, so its not hard to figure out where he got his inspiration from.

We made one vital mistake thou, through out the day, we forgot to bring munchies and I was hungry as a motherfucker, maybe I should have titled this blog “Meditation and Music” , we had to cut our plans short and go home but do not despair we will go to another music video shoot soon and this time the homies and I will be prepared.

Meditation, Music and Munchies

You could have plenty of cash, a crib to to get stoned in, a state of the art sound system to enhance the experience and you could plan every everything accordingly so that you can have the best smoking session possible but let us be honest, nothing beats an unexpected session. I am talking about a session that happens at an unexpected place and an unexpected time. There is just something about these sessions, they are effortlessly perfect and they are Godly as fuck. Talking about unexpected sessions, this makes me distinctively remember a session I had with my homies about two months ago. Man I have to tell you about this session, It was too nice and the best thing about it is that it completely made my day.

It was typical day and a bit more fucked up as usual, I mean we had about two bags on us but there was a problem. It was an extremely windy day and we did not have a crib to get stoned. Honestly I hate getting stoned outside on a windy day, It is way too much effort and you do not get as stoned as you want, well we were faced with that fucked up predicament. The homies and I were even thinking of just going home sober and just get stoned the next day and that is a very sad decision to make. Everybody knows it is very difficult to sleep sober when you got weed on you, but then it seemed lady luck was on our side. One of was homies got a call from his mother. Basically his mother sent him on an errand to go drive his brother to Worcester in the Western Cape and right away the homies and I spotted an opportunity to get stoned in the car while on our way to this location. I got to ride in the front seat, but in our group if you want to ride in the front seat, you have to shout ”shot-gun” first, well that is the rule, meaning it was my responsibility to play the music and I love that responsibility. The best thing about this that the car we were going to be driving in had a nice sound system which was going to make getting stoned in the car much better. So we grabbed our bong and headed for the fun journey ahead. Obviously we had to keep opening the windows to let the smell out it is not our car after all LOL. It was one of the best sessions I had to be honest. There were times were I wished the journey did not have end. I really enjoyed that errand. We were stoned as fuck in the car and we were always hitting on some girls on the way., HAHA we are dudes after all. The music just made it better. People underestimate the power of an AUX cable, well it just made our session much more fulfilling. We were getting exposed to different scenery while hitting on that bong. Worcester is indeed a beautiful place, it is just a shame that it is so far away from the beach. If you know me well, then you would know that I love the beach, I confessed my love for beaches in one of my posts. All in all it was a godly late night session. I got home while everybody was in bed which meant I could chill in the lounge, listen to music and munch all night and slowly fall asleep. I would not mind another session like that.