Meditation, Music and Munchies

Without a shadow of a doubt, the best time to get stoned is in the morning. I treat my morning sessions very sacredly. The main reason why I like I treat mornings so special and why it is the best time to get stoned is because you get stoned very quickly and the “kick” is that much extra. Which is why I do not always get stoned in the morning. The best day for me to get stoned in the morning is Monday and I like to call this “Mellow Mondays”. After a hectic and exciting weekend, everybody hates the so-called “Blue Monday”.’Mellow Mondays” helps me unwind and take on the new week. I always have a specific playlist for this day. I always play slow and soothing jams. Here is my mellow Mondays playlist:

  • Eli Sostre- Saving Face
  • Eli Sostre- Lean On
  • Amir Obe- No Peace
  • Eli Sostre- Aint Love Strange
  • Drake feat. PARTYNEXTDOOR- Days In The East Remix
  • Jeremih- Berlin(She Wit it)
  • Eli Sostre- Blame
  • Eli Sostre- Basics
  • Amir Obe- Say No More
  • Amir Obe- Just Know
  • Tink-Count it Up
  • Young Thug- She Wanna Party

After a good joint, these jams calm me down and help me deal with Blue Monday. The trick is to start playing the songs when you have already smoked. Everybody knows that music sounds so much better when you stoned. And speaking of Blue Mondays, it has been a while since I had my own Mellow Monday. I guess I will have to wait until the 30th of October. It happens that my plug invited me to his farewell party and lets just say that there will be enough kush there to keep the entire South Africa stoned for the day. Who knows next time I might post pictures of this prestigious event. I guess these are the perks of being a stoner. The best part about this is that the kush will be free. Well I hope to enjoy my upcoming Mellow Monday and I wish I could all of you fellow stoners along after all, the herb is meant for sharing. JAH BLESS.




Meditation, Music and Munchies

Before I continue with anything, I would like to profusely apologise for the inconsistent writing. This is unfortunately caused by the lack of internet access from where I stay.

Anyways I have always dreamed of travelling the world, well to be specific there are certain places I would love to go and I hope this blog offers me the platform to travel(LOL). I love the entire prospect of meeting new people and learning about various cultures. My first dream location that i want to be in is Amsterdam, Netherlands and its not because prostitution is legal there. I just love everything about the country, it is such an open-minded country.If I were to be compared to a city in the world, then without a shadow of a doubt it would be Amsterdam(HAHAHA). I  love the the fact that marijuana is legal there too. I mean think about it, you simply walk into a coffee shop and order a space muffin.Wow. I must say GOD BLESS AMSTERDAM! I would definitely love to meet the people from and learn about their culture, who knows I might be a full time resident of Amsterdam. If im financially capable of course.

My second dream location is California, USA, I mean who doesnt love America. Not only does this wonderful location offer great business opportunities for aspiring entrepreneurs like me, but I love the scenery of the place. I am a sucker for beaches. I just love the ocean and what it represents in literal and figurative manner. What also helps is that the state of California has legalized recreational marijuana use. I mean it is an open secret that America offers some of the best weed around. I don’t wanna die without smoking certain strains. That’s probably the reason why i’m grinding so hard to make it. i will also get the chance to meet various of my favourite celebrities while I am in California.

Another place I want to travel is Jamaica, God I love Jamaica. It is a idyllic paradise. This place is basically surrounded by water. Even though I am a lover of trap music, I also love reggae dancehall music.I want to be exposed to the culture behind reggae music. It also helps that Jamaica has some really good weed. I just love what Jamaica has to offer as a whole and this is why it is one of my favourite destinations. I bet most stoners want to these places i mentioned.

What is also great is that if i happen to be at these places is that I will get to try different cuisine. And the plan is to Bring my homies with.

Meditation, Music and Munchies

Happy Floating Friday my fellow stoners. Today is simply another day to get stoned. Right now the plan is to make sure i fulfill all my obligations for the day and then get stoned with the homies.

Everyone that does not smoke weed has negative connotations about the herb and i want take this opportunity and use this platform to address these negative connotations. The most common myth about us stoners is that we are not the brightest people around and that marijuana is the cause of that which is false. For me, marijuana puts me in the type of zone where i am most calm. I think much better when im under the influence. What hurts me is that people are more acceptable of alcohol than they are of weed and this is because alcohol is legal and marijuana isnt. Our society does not want to look at the facts, instead they judge marijuana because it is not legal in the eyes of the law. i hope i change society’s perceptive on the herb and make it much more acceptable. I mean it is not rocket science that alcohol is much more dangerous than weed.

Anyways it was my birthday on the 20th of September and guess what? My plug gave me free weed. For those that don’t know, a ‘plug’ is someone that you buy weed from. Well my beloved mother bought plenty of velvet cake which will be my muchies tonight when i get home. Well it is almost 1 o’clock and it is time to get stoned. Much Love

Meditation, Music and Munchies

Personally i prefer the bong but i do have some advice for my new stoners. We are not all financially equipped to get stoned everyday. So for my readers that enjoy their blunts, here’s a free tip: Whenever you ‘finish’ blazing you blunt, there will always be a bit left and these are called ‘roaches’. Whenever you are done blazing, neatly pack away your “roaches”. Whenever one day you happen to be broke as hell then gather all your “roaches” together and if you are a true stoner then you will have enough roaches to make a gram.

I know for a fact that we all do not have the same taste in music but i strongly recommend that you guys listen to some trap music, I swear that this genre of music was created specifically for us, stoners.My favourite artists include: PARTYNEXTDOOR,Drake, Eli Sostre, Amir Obe, Young Thug, Migos, Tory Lanez.

i do strongly advise that you give these artists a good listen. Well anyway today is Friday and this is my favourite day to get stoned and im so looking forward to meet my favourite lady ‘Mary-Jane’. i will be back soon to tell you all about how my session went from how ,much i blazed, what tracks i listened to and so much more.

Meditation, Music and Munchies

The best day to get stoned is Friday. The homies and I call it “FLOATING FRIDAYS”. We make sure we buy enough kush to burn for hours. We prefer the bong and ours is homemade. This will give you an instant highness which lasts longer but it is not  for the faint hearted. Mastering the bong requires you to hold the clutch for about 5 seconds when you pull, release the clutch and continue pulling for another 3 seconds and watch how quickly get stoned. Thank me Later.

The music is very important as this makes the session much more enjoyable. I always compile a playlist before a session.

It is important to start with the slow down jams and elevate the vibe as you go on.Here is my playlist and i will break it down why i play these songs.

Eli Sostre- Saving Face(Sleep is for the Weak Album)

Eli Sostre- Blame(single)

Eli Sostre- Let You Go(Sleep is for weak Album)

Amir Obe- Kill Your Pride( Happening in the Gray Area Mixtape)

Amir Obe-just Know

Amir Obe-Say No More

Eli Sostre- New Addy


Young Thug-She wanna party(This is mix between a slow jam and a banger and it is a perfect track to turn up things up a bit as we are heading towards the bangers)

Young Thug-Best Thing of all Time

Now we are turning it up:

Young Thug-Power


Eli Sostre-Glass

Amir Obe-Happening

PARTYNEXTDOOR-Plenty(This is my favourite and by the way I am a big PND fan)

And that is my playlist, and the duty of playing music is passed onto the next person and they have to maintain the standard or else we will call you a “mitch”.LOL

When we are all stoned as fuck, everyone is too lazy to go buy some munchies. So we invented a rule. Whoever goes and buys the munchies gets extra munchies and we call these munchies, “one for the road”. That has to be the reason I VOLUNTEER to go buy often.

And that in a nutshell is how our session goes. Stay tuned for more of our various crazy sessions. Much Love.


































Meditation, Music and Munchies

Nothing beats high grade weed, hypnotizing music and some delicious munchies of course. For most people getting stoned is just a hobby to pass time. Well for my crazy friends and I, it is a lifestyle. I want to captivate readers and give them unlimited access to our world. LOL, we even got a name for our group, ‘MITCH TENDENCIES”. THIS IS JUST AN INTRO.